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capital asset scheme under vat

Capital Asset Scheme under VAT: Process and Importance

In the complex world of Value Added Tax (VAT) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), businesses need to understand the Capital Asset Scheme under VAT to keep their accounts accurate and comply with regulations. Our goal is to explain the process and significance of the Capital Asset Scheme under VAT, highlighting how professionals, particularly VAT Consultants in Dubai, play a crucial role in making sure businesses smoothly follow this important mechanism

Understanding the Capital Asset Scheme Under VAT

The Capital Asset Scheme under VAT is a specific plan designed to manage the reclaiming of input VAT on big, long-term assets. By making sure the VAT recovery matches how these assets are actually used throughout their useful life, this scheme is crucial for businesses to handle their finances accurately.

Different Factors Under the Capital Asset Scheme:
There are a number of factors to take into account with the Capital Asset Scheme under VAT that assist businesses in managing and recovering the taxes they have paid on large assets. These consist of the characteristics of the assets, their uses, and the accounting treatment of them. Let’s examine some crucial points:

Eligible Capital Assets:
The scheme covers a wide range of capital goods, such as computers, land, buildings, civil engineering projects, ships, boats, and other vessels.

Shall all assets be subject to capital asset scheme?

  • Capital assets, which are single items of expenditure, amounting to AED 5,000,000 or more (excluding Tax) imported or locally procured by the Taxable Person, and which have a useful life equal to or more than –
    -10 years in case of building or part thereof
    -5 years for all capital assets other than buildings or part thereof
  • Expenditure consisting of smaller sums which collectively amount to AED 5,000,000 or more where such sums are staged payments –
    -For the purpose of a building
    -For the construction of a building
    -In relation to an extension, refurbishment, renewal, fitting out, or other work undertaken to a building, except that where there is a distinct break between any such works being undertaken they shall be taken to be separate items of expenditure
    -For the purchase, construction, assembly, or installation of any goods or immovable property where components are supplied separately for assembly

How does the Capital Asset Scheme under VAT work?
Under this scheme, the input tax paid on the procurement of the capital assets shall be recovered immediately upon incurring such expenditure (and subject to the receipt of the tax invoice and other conditions of input tax recovery) if the asset is used or intended to be used 100% for the business purpose.

Thereafter, the usage of the asset shall be monitored for the period of 10 years in the case of buildings or part thereof and 5 years in the case of other assets. The year, in which the asset is put to non-business or exempt purposes fully or partially, the originally recovered input tax credit shall be reversed to the extent to which it is put for non-business purposes.

Partial Exemption and Non-Business Supplies:
Only a portion of the tax you pay is refundable when assets you own are used for both business and nontaxable purposes. This adds a little complexity to the Capital Asset Scheme.

Changes in Business Circumstances:
The scheme’s assessment of capital assets may alter in response to various business-related occurrences, such as the sale of a significant asset during the adjustment period, the joining or departure of a VAT group, or the cessation of VAT registration.

Calculation and Accounting of Capital Asset Scheme under VAT:

To guarantee accuracy and compliance, a thorough procedure is involved in the accounting and computation of the Capital Asset Scheme under VAT (Value Added Tax). The salient features are as follows:

Input VAT Recovery:
It is an essential component of the Value Added Tax (VAT) system, serving as a means for business enterprises to retrieve the VAT they have paid on the goods and services they have acquired for their business.

The initial amount of VAT reclaimed is subsequently adjusted to reflect actual usage over a specific period of time. This new amount becomes the benchmark for subsequent comparisons.

Annual Adjustments:
Annual reviews are conducted, comparing the taxable use of the capital good in the current period with the period when the input VAT was initially deducted.

Why Professionals are Essential:
It is important to get professional help from accountants or tax professionals due to the intricacy of VAT legislation and the potential impact on business finances. 

Expertise and Knowledge:
Professionals can guide businesses through the intricacies of the calculation and accounting process, ensuring accurate adherence to the Capital Asset Scheme and VAT regulations.

Preventing Potential Liabilities and Penalties:
Maintaining accurate and transparent financial records is key to preventing substantial liabilities, penalties, and interest charges. Professionals play a crucial role in helping businesses by combining legal awareness, regulatory compliance, and sound financial practices.

Efficiency and Time Savings:
Professionals streamline the time-consuming and complex accounting process associated with the scheme, allowing businesses to focus on their core activities.

The Capital Asset Scheme under VAT requires a methodical approach. The expertise, knowledge, and efficiency provided by professionals like Catalyst Taxes become invaluable in navigating the complexities of this scheme. 

As businesses embark on this journey, Catalyst Taxes, the premier VAT Consultant in Dubai, emerges as a reliable partner, offering expert guidance on the Capital Asset Scheme under VAT. Tap into their expertise; contact: or dial +971 54 728 4285.

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