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UAE Tax Tips 2024: Essential Guide to Personal Tax Possibilities

2024 UAE Tax Tips: Your Personal Guide

On December 9, 2022, the UAE Ministry of Finance introduced a game-changing law, Federal Decree-Law No. 47 of 2022, reshaping business taxes. Starting June 1, 2023, this law will revolutionize UAE tax systems. This guide explores 2024’s tax tips for individuals, revealing the impacts of these changes. Your essential insight into navigating the new tax landscape!

Who are the taxable persons in UAE?

The Corporate Tax Law now covers both residents and non-residents in the UAE. Residents are taxed on income from local business activities, while nonresidents face taxes on income tied to a Permanent Establishment (PE) in the UAE or any income considered UAE-sourced. It’s a rule that affects where you earn and what you earn in the UAE.

Tax Rates and Thresholds:

The new UAE Corporate Tax Law brings in a fair system with different rates. If your income is below a set limit (likely AED 375,000), you pay 0% tax. But if it goes beyond that, a 9% rate kicks in. It’s a way to make sure everyone pays their fair share based on how much they earn.

Categories of Businesses or Business Activities Conducted by a Natural Person that are Subject to Corporate Tax

1. Businesses or Business Activities, conducted by a resident or non-resident natural person, shall be subject to Corporate Tax only where the total Turnover derived from such Businesses or Business Activities exceeds AED 1,000,000 (one million United Arab Emirates dirhams) within a Gregorian calendar year.

2. Notwithstanding Clause (1) of this Article, activities that give rise to Turnover from the following sources shall not be considered as Businesses or Business Activities conducted by a resident or non-resident natural person subject to Corporate Tax, regardless of the amount of Turnover derived from such activities:

a. Wage.
b. Personal Investment income.
c. Real Estate Investment income.

3. The natural person that is not conducting a Business or Business Activities subject to Corporate Tax in accordance with this Article shall not be required to register for Corporate Tax.

Scenarios Unveiling Tax Implications:

It involves understanding how the tax rules apply in different circumstances, including income from employment, business profits, investments, and other financial activities. When these instances are revealed, people can understand the exact taxes that apply to them.

1. UAE Resident Natural Person Engaged in Business Activities:

You only pay taxes on money you make from doing business in the UAE. If you earn less than a certain amount, you don’t have to pay corporate tax. But if you make more than that, there’s a 9% tax rate on the extra income.

2. UAE Resident Natural Person Receiving Salary or Investment Income:

If your business doesn’t need a commercial license for its money-making activities, you don’t have to pay corporate tax.

3. Nonresident Natural Person with UAE-Sourced Income:

If your money is linked to the UAE through a PE or nexus, you pay a 9% corporate tax rate. The same rate might apply if your income is from UAE sources.

4. Nonresident Natural Person with Income from Free Zones:

You will not be required to pay corporate taxes if you abide by the regulations and do not conduct business with the UAE’s mainland. You remain tax-exempt as long as you follow the rules and don’t do business on the mainland.


The rate of taxes people pay in the United Arab Emirates in 2024 will vary depending on their income, place of residence, and occupation. As individuals and businesses adapt to these changes, understanding the nuances becomes crucial for financial planning and compliance in the dynamic tax environment of the UAE. Catalyst Taxes emerges as a beacon of expertise in this tax terrain. They’re experts in decoding the tax code, ensuring you sail smoothly through the changes. Reach out to or call +971 54 728 4285 for expert help. Explore more at Catalyst Taxes—your path to tax compliance and financial success in the UAE!

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